The Paulus Schafer & Joost Zoeteman Quartet

A special musical encounter between two guitarists with different backgrounds and playing styles, but the same passion for the guitar. The result is a swinging musical show full of improvisation, fire and virtuosity where the guitar takes center stage. The Joost Zoeteman Paulus Schäfer quartet has a refreshing musical approach and breathes new life into existing styles. You can count on a program with gypsy swing, jazz, Latin and funk with a contemporary sound. Paulus Schäfer is one of the most talented and sought after gypsy swing jazz guitarists internationally. Guitarist Joost Zoeteman is known for his idiosyncratic guitar playing, a crossover of jazz, gypsy jazz and contemporary influences from all over the world. The rhythm section of the quartet consists of two internationally renowned jazz musicians, drummer Wim de Vries and bassist Jasper Somsen.

Paulus Schäfer: solo and rhythm guitar
Joost Zoeteman: solo and rhythm guitar
Wim de Vries: drums
Jasper Somsen: double bass

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