The Mozes Rosenberg Trio

The Mozes Rosenberg Trio is currently the formation with which Mozes likes to present himself and perform, accompanied by Daniel Gueli on double bass and with a choice of various top rhythm guitarists such as Nous'che Rosenberg and Martin Limberger.
Mozes belongs to the absolute top of the world's most phenomenal Gypsy-jazz guitarists, and his repertoire is influenced by bossa nova, jazz and pop music. He also has a number of beautiful compositions to his name, such as Mozology. In 2024, performances are planned at major international festivals such as the Jazz Marathon Hong Kong, the Sicilia Jazz Festival, the BRIDGE Guitar Festival in Eindhoven and the Raska Culture and Art festival.
A performance by The Mozes Rosenberg Trio is a true musical feast full of swing and virtuoso guitar playing.

Mozes Rosenberg: solo guitar
Nous'che Rosenberg: rhythm guitar
Daniel Gueli: double bass

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