The Stochelo Rosenberg Trio

Stochelo Rosenberg is considered one of the best guitarists of our time. His excellent technique, his great elegance and his very personal vibrato, which combines virtuosity and emotion, have led him to share the largest jazz stages in the world with many different top musicians over the past thirty-five years.
In France, one of the formations he also likes to tour with is a trio with the great French guitarist Rocky Gresset and bassist William Brunard; they have already played on many important stages in France. Inspired by Django Reinhardt, they expand their work with classical, pop and bossa nova in the gypsy swing style.
Outside France he enjoys playing with his younger brother Mozes Rosenberg in a trio, together with bassist Daniel Gueli. The interplay of the two brothers guarantees a guitar spectacle of the highest level, and can easily be considered the absolute top within the Gypsy jazz genre.

Stochelo Rosenberg: solo and rhythm guitar
Rocky Gresset: solo and rhythm guitar
William Brunard: double bass

Other countries
Stochelo Rosenberg: solo and rhythm guitar
Mozes Rosenberg: solo and rhythm guitar
Daniel Gueli: double bass

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