The Rosenbergs – Masters of Swing – Livestream concert Friday November 27 20:30.
19 November 2020

On Sunday September 20, The Rosenbergs – Masters of Swing played in the tasteful and popular music program on NPO2 Podium Witteman. There the release of the CD album ‘Double Scotch’ was announced.

The Rosenbergs belong to the absolute top of the Gypsy Jazz world. The Masters of Swing will soon present their new CD album ‘Double Scotch’. In this album they can be heard together with the amazing Robby Lakatos and the inimitable Stochelo Rosenberg.

The Rosenbergs also impress on the album ‘Double Scotch’ from the first note onwards with virtuoso, razor-sharp and grooving “Jazz Manouche”. They display an almost careless breath taking virtuoso. Rousing solos, a flawlessly swinging rhythm guitar, surprising solo bass parts and a telepathic interplay characterise this amazing trio. The vocal contribution of crooner Johnny Rosenberg is matchless. The Rosenbergs are an ever-inspiring trio, swinging non-stop with surprising breaks, synchronous lines and teasingly humorous ideas that make every performance a treat.

The Rosenbergs: Mozes Rosenberg: lead guitar, Johnny Rosenberg: rhythm guitar and vocals, Sani van Mullem: double bass

The CD album ‘Double Scotch’ is released by BOTB in Heerde. Unfortunately, The Rosenbergs cannot perform the CD presentation live in the theater or on stages. We could no longer leave this gem unheard of either. That is why the trio decided to present this on LensTV through live streaming. You can watch the live stream after logging in to LensTV. Click on one of the options: livestream, Livestream + sponsorship and the full package of livestream, sponsorship and the CD album. After paying, log in to LensTV and click on the button in the menu “live” to view the livestream on Friday evening, November 27 at 20:30 to start. So you will not receive a separate livestream code. Stochelo Rosenberg also plays a number of songs in this love stream performance. Enjoy it!