30 January 2017

Final with Paulus and Fapy


25 juni – 29 juni · 2017

Learn from the gypsies how to play guitar like the gypsies!

TEACHERS: Paulus Schäfer, Fapy Lafertin and Nous’che Rosenberg

WHERE: In and next to the Gypsy Camp in Gerwen, Brabant, Netherlands.

PROGRAM: Morning- group lesson, divided over THREE SINTI TEACHERS Everybody studies with every teacher

Afternoon: small groups, individual tutoring

Evening: performing and jamming.

Every free moment: time for individual questions with every teacher. Just go and ask whatever you want to know.

LAST EVENING: Party / concert for and with the gypsy families as well as for the people from the town, who buy tickets for the show.

FOR WHOM; Everybody! You don’t have to be an advanced player. But if you are, we will make sure you also learn.

NECESSARY: Basis Gypsy Jazz guitar skills – Know a few songs, know some gypsy chords. More specific info about this will follow soon. And: BRING A GUITAR.

REGISTRATION: EMAIL TO *protected email*

PRICE: 450,-



Camping outside in your own tent, car or caravan, directly at the venue. Good clean sanitary facilities are inside at the camp/workshop space

If you don’t have a tent, you can ‘camp’ inside the building. Bring a sleeping bag and your own towel etc of course. Just share the big classrooms with a few other people. There are three big rooms.

(AT YOUR OWN COST: You can also stay at the bed and breakfast in the village)


–dinner on arrival day (Sunday)

–three meals Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and

–breakfast on Thursday.

– Coffee / tea / fruit / some snacks throughout the day and evening

– Lessons (of course)

– Pick up from Eindhoven train station at certain hours

– Drop off at Eindhoven train station after the camp


we arrange transportation to wherevernyou are staying in or around Samois if you go to the festival. We leave Thursday after breakfast. You will be dropped off at yor camsite, hotel or wherever you go. Price is around 115,- euro.

Of course you can also choose to find your way there by train or bus.


Each year we learn how to improve our camp : This year we add another day and an extra very good teacher Nous’che Rosenberg!

Paulus’ family will invite us all to be their guest at the gypsy camp. We will sit around the fire and make music. There will be group lessons as well as lots of individual attention.

There will be learning, jamming and performing galore. Paulus’ family proved to be excellent and generous cooks as well as wonderful people. You will meet many of them during this camp. Friday June 30 is the last day, with performance for an audience from the area.


Sunday – Arrival. We arrange pick up from the train station a few times a day

Monday/Tuesday / Wednesday / – lessons in the morning, practise time with guidance from the teachers, leading up to performing later for each other.

Thursday – Breakfast and goodbye. We arrange transportation for those who want to go on to Samois, where the festival starts the two days later July 1.

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Register now: *protected email*