Sinti Jazz Guitar Camp 2020
30 November 2019

Sinti Jazz Guitar Camp – Nuenen – June 23 – June 27  2020
Learn from the gypsies how to play guitar like the gypsies!

Paulus Schäfer, Fapy Lafertinand Romino Grünholz!

Price: € 495,- (incl VAT)

For RHYTHM as well as for SOLO Guitarists.

Paulus Schäfer, Christien van Helden (volunteer), Lamla Weis, Ollie Schäfer and Henk van Beurden

June 23:  
Arrival at the venue. Put up your tent etc. Evening: dinner and welcome in the gypsy camp, then jam at the venue.

June 24
Morning and afternoon: group lessons, The students will rotate so everybody gets to study with each teacher.  
Evening: dinner in the village, then jam at the venue.

June 25
Morning: group lessons. Afternoon: split up in small groups, individual tutoring.
Evening: dinner in the village, jamming at gypsy camp with the Schäfer family. 

June 26: 
Morning and afternoon individual tutoring while small groups are rehearsing for performance. The teachers will walk around and give everybody personal attention. Evening: dinner at the venue.
LAST EVENING: Party / concert for and with the gypsy families as well as for the people from the town who buy tickets for the show.

June 27
Breakfast and goodbye.

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