Paulus Schäfer – Rock Django


Gypsy Jazz
What if Django Reinhardt had lived on into the sixties and seventies – would he have become involved with rock music himself? Or would he, like he did in the thirties and forties, have taken the famous songs of the day and turned them into his trademark Gypsy Swing – Europe’s biggest contribution to jazz to date?

Just imagine Django sitting in with the Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, Average White Band, Fleetwood Mac, Stones and Kinks. Picture him swapping solos with Rod Argent, , Hank Marvin, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Joe Satriani, most of whom have been inspired by Reinhardt’s guitar genius….

It never happend. Django dies in 1953. His music, however, lives on. On this CD, Paulus and I have interpreted Rock the way Django and Stéphane could have; we hope you like it.


01. Ghost;
02. Layla;
03. Jessica;
04. Albatross;
05. House of the Rising Sun;
06. Burn;
07. Europa;
08. Sunny Afternoon;
09. Apache;
10. Hold Your Head Up;
11. Pick Up the Pieces;
12. Paint It Black.

Tim Kliphuis: violin; Paulus Schäfer: lead guitar; Daniel Rosenberg: rhythm guitar; Noah Schäfer: double bass.