Johnny Rosenberg Gipsy & Jazz



Johnny Rosenberg , known because of his participation in the first edition of The Voice of Holland , is a professional singer and guitarist , and belongs to the Sinti . This modern Sinto (name for a man of the Sinti strain) is firmly rooted in this time and let me see the world. A world that consists of wonderful stories and ancient culture , with its origins in the border between India and Pakistan. The general picture that I have conducted was right. Yes, there are lots of guitars and indeed a campfire is never far away. They also run together in and out like I used to do in my dorm. The men are real men and women are all woman . But there is more . The singer and guitarist makes me partake of everything that happens in his life , where fame , doubts, personal and social identity and multiple talents predominate. More than once it appears to be , that he is a bridge of ‘ my ‘ to ‘ his’ world by music and the sympathetic and open character of Johnny Rosenberg. It is up to you , after reading Johnny Rosenberg , gypsy and jazz , to see where he belongs . ( Petra Teune )